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When selecting the best quality luxury toileting sling, then you need look no further than the Willow. Manufactured using the latest laser guided needle technology to enhance strength; this product is available with or without head supports to work in conjunction with varying patient requirements. This cleverly designed pattern facilitates toilet transfer procedures, whilst allowing easy clothing removal. The Willow Luxury toileting sling can be used in conjunction with most spreader bar hoists.

Height adjustable for multipatient application
Colour coded straps or clips
Provides patient comfort during transfer
Under arm padding
Allows ease of clothing removal for toilet visits
Specialist toilet pattern
Provides patient safety
Security belt
Loler compliant - does not wash out at high temperatures
Embroidered weight & serial number label
Paediatric (4 - 6 Years)
> 200 Kg / 32 Stone
Paediatric (6 - 10 Years)
> 200 Kg / 32 Stone
Paediatric (10 - 14 Years)
> 200 Kg / 32 Stone
> 200 Kg / 32 Stone
> 200 Kg / 32 Stone
> 200 Kg / 32 Stone
X Large
> 200 Kg / 32 Stone
XX Large
> 300 Kg / 48 Stone
XXX Large
> 300 Kg / 48 Stone

NB: The Willow sling selection is compatible for use with most mobile hoist and ceiling track products.

Bespoke / Made to measure service available.

Sling Fabric Selection

Mackworth Healthcare Limited have a variety of durable, flame retardant fabrics available to meet varying “patient specific” requirements. A selection of 100% polyester and cotton materials, ensures that there is no distortion arising from differing shrinkage in laundering, whilst complying with current fire regulations. The webbing used by Mackworth has a breaking strain of over one ton, and does not tangle or "corkscrew" during the cleaning process. All materials are repeatedly launderable up to 85 degrees, ensuring enhanced longevity.

Polyester Solid

A smooth knitted polyester fabric of a solid consistency for multi disciplinary use.

Polyester Mesh

A versatile, breathable and durable polyester mesh.

(Aqua Marine Blue)

A smooth, lightweight, low friction, woven polyester fabric. Ideal for wet room and bathing applications.

Supersoft Spacer

A “supersoft” breathable, stretch capable fabric, which is also padded for comfort during longer periods of transfer.


A padded and quilted polyester fabric which enhances patient comfort.

Accessories & Fixings...

Sling Extension Pieces - Sloop®

A variety of extension straps or Sloop® fittings are available to increase the length and design as required.

Dosec® Clip & Dosec® Convertors

The patented Dosec® Clip technology provides security and stability during lift procedures. This product is compatible with most hoist clip systems. Sets of Dosec® clip convertors (as shown) can also be used on standard loop slings, thus encouraging compatibility of both clip and loop hoist systems via your existing loop sling.


A variety of high quality belt systems and fabrics are available.

Cloop(R) - Dual Clip and Loop Fitting.

Cloop® is a registered trademark belonging to Mackworth Healthcare Ltd ®, being a combination of Dosec® Clip and Sloop® (loop fitting) technology, which is manufactured onto a single sling. This provides the unique ability to use on various hoists with clip and loop attachments.

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