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Case Study for Welsh Gov’t Innovation Service

Case Study for Welsh Gov’t Innovation Service

Mackworth Chosen as Case Study for Welsh Government Innovation Service

Founded privately in 1982, the Bridgend Company has ensured its position as a real challenger to the market leaders, through continued investment in research and product development practices. These strategic actions have recently resulted in the creation of a new and pending Woodland ™ sling range, for use in relocating immobile patients across varying sectors, developed solely by Mackworth.

Aside from good old fashioned hard work and real dedication, these developments have been achieved in part through the Welsh Government Business Innovation Service, which has provided on-going financial support for the purchase of equipment and recruitment of staff, required to bring new Mackworth products to market, and retain a production speed ahead of market rivals.

Recently, the design and purchase of a very specialist test rig for Mackworth’s new sling range also benefitted from Welsh Government support, along with guidance from innovation consultants offering free advice on the concept.

These areas of assistance ensured, potential infringements were avoided and legally required manufacturing standards, related to body-support units intended for the transfer of disabled or largely immobile persons, were not only retained but improved by Mackworth.

Mackworth Managing Director Neil Smith said: “It is unusual for businesses like ours to get this level of support outside of Wales, but without such funding and guidance, I’m not sure we would have considered the financial and litigation risks involved in developing our latest sling range. The Welsh Government grants system and availability of such has most definitely assisted us during the economic times and importantly also helped get a number of skilled people in the Bridgend area back into the workplace where they belong. The individuals behind the creation of such grants should be commended”

General Manager Lee Reeves added “I have never been involved in a business that has adapted and grown so quickly. Particularly in the wake of the economic circumstances. Welsh government has truly assisted Mackworth on our crusade to take market share and create local and national employment”.

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